Honest education, to make you feel confident behind the chair.

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Humankind Hair

We have a mission.

For humans in our industry to be treated equally, with kindness, consideration and respect.

We adapt everything we teach to suit all hair types for all humans.

Our courses are for kind humans.

Be human. Be kind. Be both.





Global Artist 

In 2022 I will be educating for L'Oréal Professionnel globally focusing on natural, sun kissed, lived-in colour. For all my L'Oréal course information please visit www.lorealaccess.com.

Up Coming Education 

28th June - Dublin

2nd August - Belfast

12th September - Manchester

10th October - London


Pulp Riot UK Educator

I have been working with Pulp Riot UK since going freelance in July 2020, I love everything about Pulp Riot as a brand and of course their incredible colour range. The most important thing to me as a colourist is to work with products that I believe in and that allow me to create the best colour results.

The three key things that I love about Pulp Riot are... how the brand is progressive within the industry, all the products are enriched with Quinoa which helps to add moisture back into the hair and finally their 'blank canvas' product allows me more creative freedom when colouring.


Upcoming Education

  • Lived-in Colour - L'Oréal London
    10 Oct, 09:00
    London, 255 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 8AZ, UK