Harriet Stokes

Independant Colourist & Educator

At 27 years old Harriet Stokes has won multiple awards and her work has been featured on front covers of magazines. She runs three of her own businesses and is a busy, successful and hugely influential woman in the world of hairdressing.

Coming from a family of hairdressers, Harriet started her training at fourteen and was hooked. It wasn’t long before she was entering national competitions, moved to London, winning New Talent awards and being seen as one to watch.

humankind 7.jpg

Thirteen years on, Harriet has a wealth of experience and she decided to go freelance in 2020. She is admired for her impeccable styling and colouring and also as an inspiring educator. Harriet has taught Internationally, sharing her skills with audiences in countries including South Africa, India, Australia and France. It’s a passion that’s become a calling, as she’s recently unveiled a new education business, Humankind Hair, with fellow hairdresser Anneliese Hesse.