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Independant Colourist & Global Educator

A profound but gentle force within the industry, Harriet Stokes is carving out fresh paths as her career progresses. With a quiet determination for cultural change combined with her creative foresight, it is no surprise that demand for Harriet is on a fast increase. 

“My pursuit is to inspire growth within individuals, the industry and myself but not at the cost of my wellbeing. It’s a passion that’s become a calling and it’s time we prioritise the mental health of each other. We are built on relationships, community and connections, and this is how we will embrace a better, equal future for all."

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Hailing from a family of hairdressers, her career path was inevitable and it wasn’t long before she was pushing herself in national competitions, scooping new talent awards and putting her name on the map as one to watch. She's admired for her impeccable styling and colouring but also as a fresh-thinking educator. Harriet has taught across four continents, sharing her skills with audiences in countries including South Africa, India, Australia and France. In recent years, award wins and front covers sit alongside her three businesses, including her recently unveiled education endeavour, co-founder humankind hair.


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